The Secrets N Prices Keep


1. Introduction Prices are signals about shocks to fundamentals. In a world where there are many stocks and lots of different kinds of shocks to fundamentals, traders are often more concerned with identifying exactly which shocks took place than … [Continue reading]

Constraining Effort Not Bandwidth


1. Introduction Imagine trying to fill up a $5$ gallon bucket using a hand-powered water pump. You might end up with a half-full bucket after $1$ hour of work for either of $2$ reasons. First, the spigot might be too narrow. i.e., even though you … [Continue reading]

Scaling Up “Iffy” Decisions


1. Introduction Imagine you are an algorithmic trader, and you have to set up a trading platform. How many signals should you try to process? How many assets should you trade? If you are like most people, your answer will be something like: "As … [Continue reading]