Scaling Up “Iffy” Decisions


1. Introduction Imagine you are an algorithmic trader, and you have to set up a trading platform. How many signals should you try to process? How many assets should you trade? If you are like most people, your answer will be something like: "As … [Continue reading]

Digging Into Portfolio Composition

1. Introduction In this post I show how you can use D3.js to display properties of the $6$ month ranking period momentum trading strategy outlined in Jegadeesh and Titman (1993) over the period from January 1965 to December 1989. I want to be … [Continue reading]

Sacrificing Noise Traders

1. Introduction One way to look at the stock market is as an information aggregation technology. For instance, imagine that you are the CEO of a pencil making company, and have to decide whether or not to stick with making old-fashioned wood … [Continue reading]