Using the Front Door Criterion

Think: Los Angeles = 2.5 × San Francisco.

1. Introduction[1. I am currently working on a paper with Chris Mayer in which we use this identification strategy to parse the causal effect of introducing out of town second home buyers into a housing market on local house prices. In this setting … [Continue reading]

Plotting Geographic Densities in R

I show how (here) to create a heat map of the intensity of home purchases from 2000 to 2008 in Los Angeles County, CA using a random sample of 5000observations from the county deeds records. I build off of the code created by David Kahle for Hadley … [Continue reading]

Random Effects Decomposition

Motivation I work through the error components econometric model outlined in Amemiya (1985). I use Hayashi (2000) as a reference text. I work through this example because I use this model in my working paper with Chris Mayer on bubble identification … [Continue reading]